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(Keep in mind that our annual directory has already been published for 2017-2018.)

Yes, we do have a paper registration form! Please be aware that the Early Bird Discounts are only available for on-line registration. But if you’d prefer a paper form, click here to download our fillable PDF form.


Membership FAQs

How long does my membership run?

Our membership year runs from August to June. You will be asked every year, starting in August, to sign up for the next membership year. We have grand ambitions to offer a more flexible membership cycle, with the option for auto-renewal, so stay tuned for more on that!

What type of membership is best for me?

Click on over to our Benefits of PWC Membership page for more information on membership and sponsor member levels. And if you’re still not sure you can always contact us using our contact webform, or call us at (206) 249-7922 (if we don’t answer, leave a voicemail).


What’s the Early Bird Special?

If you sign up on line for membership or sponsorship before our first educational program (for 2017, that would be September 28th), we’d like to thank you! So on line membership registration is discounted through September 28th, and we are also throwing in a membership with our Silver Sponsorship level (membership not included in Silver level after September 28th). When you sign up on line and early, it helps reduce the work load on our volunteer staff, and gives us the assurance that we’ll have the support and budget we need to offer rewarding and worthwhile events, including CEUs for our educational programs!

Do you have a paper registration form I can use?

Yes we do! Please be aware that only on line registration qualifies you for the Early Bird Special discount, but if you’d prefer to fill out a paper form, download our PDF registration form by clicking here. You can either print out the blank form, fill it in by hand, and then fax or mail, or because it is a fillable PDF form, you can open it on your computer, type in your responses, and then print it for faxing or mailing.

How can I confirm if I’m a current member?

If you haven’t signed up since last October, chances are your membership has expired. But feel free to contact us if you want to be certain! Use our contact webform, or call us at (206) 249-7922 (if we don’t answer, leave a voicemail).

What are the benefits of being a Sponsor Member?

We’re so glad you asked! Sponsor members help keep PWC membership affordable! As our thank-you to our sponsors, we provide heightened visibility in the form of ads in our directory, and listing as a sponsor on our website and at our various programs. For more information on benefits of various levels of sponsor membership, please take a look at our our Benefits of PWC Membership . Or feel free to contact us using our contact webform, or call us at (206) 249-7922 (if we don’t answer, leave a voicemail).

How do I fill out the form now, but pay later?

Simple! After submitting your membership information, you will be taken to our Payments page. If you don’t have the information you need at that time to complete your payment, just close the page.  When you are ready to pay, please do NOT fill out another registration form! Instead, simply click the PAYMENTS link at the top of our website, and you’ll be taken to the same payments page. If paying be credit card, be sure that you use the “Firm or Member name (for ID)” to indicate whose membership fee is being paid.

If you are going to pay by check, simply mail the check to us at Professionals in Workers’ Compensation / PO Box 65893 / Tacoma WA 98464. Be sure to note in the “Memo” line (or on a cover sheet or sticky note) whose membership fee is being paid.

I think my employer paid for a Firm Membership. Does that mean I’m already a member?

Not necessarily. If your employer signed up for a Firm Membership, they would have named at least three employees as members. These people will have all the benefits of membership, including free attendance at educational events, a listing in the membership directory, and (coming soon!) access to members-only content on the PWC website. Additionally, Firm Members can send a coworker to attend a program for free if they are unable to attend.  You may or may not have been one of the people designated as a member under this Firm Membership.

If you wish to be a member under a Firm Membership, and you know that your employer did not sign you up already, you can add yourself for $45 by using the “Individual and Sponsorship” registration form, and selecting “Adding to Firm Membership” as the Membership Type.

If you are uncertain whether your employer as purchased a Firm Membership, or if you have already been registered, please free to contact us if you want to be certain! Use our contact webform, or call us at (206) 249-7922 (if we don’t answer, leave a voicemail).

What if I join now, and then later my employer wants to include me in a Firm Membership?

Just let us know! Send an email to us using our Contact Us link at the top of our home page, and tell us that you need your membership type changed from “Individual” to “Adding to Firm Membership.” If you’ve already paid, let your employer know, so that they can either reimburse you, or they can make arrangements with us to pay the difference.

I’m a staff person registering a Firm Membership for my employer. What do I do?

Use the  Firm Membership option. You will need to have contact information (name, address, phone, email, etc.) for at least three employees from your company in order to complete the form. If you want to sign up more than three at one time, you will have that option, as well! Employees from your company who want to add themselves later to the Firm Membership can do so by using the Individual and Sponsorship Member form, and selecting the “Adding to Firm Membership” option.

Oops, I made a mistake on my registration, and didn’t catch it until after I clicked “Submit.” Help!

Whether you misspelled something, need to change your membership type, or have a new phone number, etc., we’re happy to help you out with that!  But please, do NOT complete another registration form. Instead, please send us an email using our webform, and let us know what needs to be changed, or feel free to call us using our contact webform, or call us at (206) 249-7922 (if we don’t answer, leave a voicemail).

I thought we weren’t going to have to fill out all our information again to renew.

That’s the dream, isn’t it? And we haven’t given up on that. We are continuously working to make registration and renewal as quick and easy as possible! But the system that we had implemented didn’t work out quite as we had hoped. So bear with us – we’re working on it. Thank you for your patience as this is being implemented.


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