Step 3:

Payment for Banquet

♦ To pay for a single attendee* using PayPal or Major Credit Card:

  • From the “Registration for” pull down list below, select the appropriate registration level: Member or Non-Member.
    PLEASE NOTE: If you are a PWC member, you will need to select the PWC Member Registration option from the pull down menu below in order to pay the discounted PWC member price.
  • Enter name of attendee, so that this payment can be credited toward their registration.
  • Click the gray check-out button.
  • If you encounter difficulty, please to NOT re-register. You can return to our Payments page by clicking the PAYMENTS link at the top of our home page, or contact us at (206) 249-7922, or by webmail on our Contact us page.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to use the pull-down menu below to select the appropriate registration level.

Registration for (select one from pull down menu):
Name of attendee:

♦ If paying by check, mail your check (in time to be received by March 3rd) to:

Professionals in Workers’ Compensation
PO Box 65893
Tacoma WA 98464


*If you are support staff paying for multiple attendees at one time, go to ouBanquet Payment for Multiple Attendees page.